Briefing : Vietnam values & doing business practices

Thank you for tailoring the program to our needs. Both our management and the engineers who participated gave excellent feedback all round and those already in the field have indicated they greatly benefited from your insights.
HR Manager, Engineering Company

2 Day Cross Cultural Training Program (Destination : Singapore)

This was a very useful and informative 2 days both for my wife and myself. The subject matter experts were great and provided up to date and relevant information. Our programme leader did a great job! She created a very safe and open environment and was ready to cover all topics which were relevant to us. She customized the program so we could also touch on major cultural differences for the countries in the APAC region that I wil be responsible for. The program training format was pragmatical with good discussions and exercises, just right for us.

Executive from MNC relocating to Asia for the first time

Day Cross Cultural Training Program (Destination : Vaud, Switzerland)

The program was helpful, informative and very reassuring . We had a truly great trainer very experienced in multicultural environments. We now are more aware of the assignment process and have new perspectives on how to manage our integration in Geneva. From my side, I came away with some very useful tools that I can use as talking points with my multicultural team. Definitely food for thought professionally for my assignment. My full recommendation, fantastic and you may quote me !

Senior Business Manager, Large MNC

Repatriation Training

The program enabled me to both embrace how my international assignement experience has changed me  and have a clearer understanding of the repatriation process, setting more realistic expectations for re-entry. The trainer used various exercises to get me to capture my new acquired skills and reflect how I can re-apply/position these in future, ensuring these continue to flourish. I would recommend this for any expatriate returning « home ».

Expatriate returning home

DSP EuRA Quality Seal Preparation

 We embarked on a complete rethink of the way we delivered and managed our business and a review of our organization at all levels, then we implemented the desired changes… In doing so, we have been able to count with the invaluable help and professional services of ACL Consulting.
Anne-Claude personally helped us take the path of re-thinking our way of conducting business. Her practical coaching approach, motivation and enthusiasm gave us the confidence and support to get through implementation of the necessary changes and discover that, in fact, YES, WE COULD (DO IT)!

Axel Zorn CEO, Relocations Espana